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Redline Bobcat Services Ltd. is a full-service heavy equipment and trucking firm, serving Kelowna and the surrounding region for over 20 years. We do work throughout the Okanagan, from Penticton to Vernon and beyond. Redline Bobcat Services provides bobcat and trucking service to many of Kelowna's homebuilding and community development companies, dealing with every aspect of site preparation. That includes: the shifting, shaping and leveling of land; land clearing, demolition and removal; driveway and road preparation; excavating for utilities, septic and basements; supply and installation of material; and construction of retaining walls.

We help out many local landscaping companies by supplying and trucking materials and by tackling the heavy equipment jobs. We also work alongside homeowners directly, supplying and installing materials such as gravel or topsoil, digging and excavating whether for septic tanks, landscaping purposes, and pnds, preparing driveways, and constructing rock walls and retaining walls. Redline Bobcat also offers snow-clearing service and sanding service for many businesses and malls in Kelowna and the area.

Our estimates are always free, and we are happy to discuss your project and to help in finding ways to meet your needs while staying within your budget.

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We have a broad range of equipment and attachments, big and small, and with different capabilities. That means that for each job, we supply the right equipment - big machines with big capacities for big jobs, and small, nimble, cost-effective machines for smaller jobs. We continually update our equipment with new models, and our in-house mechanic keeps them in top shape, so they are reliable and work the way they should.

Our operators are experienced and careful. It takes skill, acquired through years of experience, to maneuver big powerful machines with speed and precision. Our team members are proud of their ability to do each job with minimal mess and disturbance.

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